Welcome to "Leben"

In case something like "Back to life, back to reality, back to here and now" pops into your head, I have nothing to do with this. Although I think that Soul-II-Soul made a really good song there. In here you can step into my foodsteps and can see what I saw, while I was walking around in some places. You can see what cought my attention and what I didn't want to just leave behind. You will find works that portrtait the little things of everyday life. I also found more to some of the themes here and turned these works into little projects, that stand for themselves and that are ongoing. I simply cannot stop to take pictures of peoples in museums and galeries.This project is called "inspections". Graffiti-Tags and little handwritten notes in public spaces usually get my attention, too. I call this project "Public Notifications". And finaly collections of my pure street photography. That's it, welcome to my "here and now".

Street & Everyday Life 4
Street & Everyday Life 3
Street & Everyday Life 2
Street & Everyday Life
Street & Urban Landscape 3 (farbe)
Street & Urban Landscape 2 (farbe)
Street & Urbanlandscape (farbe)
Public Notifications 2
Public Notifications
inspection 1