These images are part of my photo series „Public Notifications“. It is a collection of handwritten messages and notes in public spaces and urban spaces. Most of them are handwritten. Some of them are public letterings or even prints.
Written or scratched inscriptions are a cultural phenomenon that can be dated back to ancient Egypt, the Greeks, Romans or Mayas. „Throughout the history of the written word, letter forms have developed with different aesthetics at different times within given geographic and cultural centers.Different forms (or „hands“) of calligraphy arose in different cultures with further variations arising within those cultures over time.“Christian P. Acker, 2013: Flip the Script, Gingo Press Inc.​​​​​​​
The collection „Public Notifications“ is a tribute to tagging and graffiti writing. I always liked tagging, because of its calligraphic qualities and various ways of expressions. The series portraits different forms of writing styles. Mainly on walls, sometimes on floors, too. I also wanted to show how written hand styles compete with other forms of public lettering and messaging. Finally I wanted to show, how the different letterings merge with their environment.
Peace to all the writers out there! Just do it.

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