taking photographs in museums and galleries is fun. I guess it is now a long known part of street photography in general and many people like to do it. As I looked at the pictures at home, I thought of a total different scene. I thought of a group of engineers, inspecting a building before it gets open to the public or car mechanics inspecting your engine, before they let you go back on the road. Especially when the individuals are equiped with audio guides, maps and notebooks. You get the picture by now, I guess. That is why I call this project "inspections". So, photographing in museums is fun. I like the way we move through these elaborate public spaces, the way you stand or sit in front of a piece you really like and how quiet it is. I like the way people behave here: pausing, focussing, gathering data, processing data, wondering about sometimes evasive content and asking ourselves - how can I get my money back... Just kidding. Enjoy my collection of inspections and go to your local art gallery or museum. Cheerz.