My Biomorph-Series is about transformative processes of nature. Nature permanently shapes its structures and organisms. It is alive. It grows in round, soft and curved shapes. It is organic, intertwined and crooked. Biomorph translates as: shaped and characterized by natural forces of life. The series refers to natures dynamics and changes.
Within this series there are also the pictures of "Maman" from Bilbao. The sculpture of Louise Bourgeois was great for my intentions, because here we can see an oversized spider in public space. The legs are incredibly fascinating! The multiple exposures are coarser and more generous here. They are in contrast to the other motifs of the Biomorph series, which rather show the small-scale structures and compositions. The free spaces at "Maman" create graphic photographs that can be wonderfully developed in color.
The "Biomorph" series is a by-product, a spin-off of my Bauformen series.
With my camera, a Nikon DSRL, I can create multiple exposures of subjects. I often work with triple exposures here. During the composition, I try to achieve certain overlaying effects. It is not easy to implement, but it comes closer to „drawing with light“ again. I can merge different motifs or image sections into one image. Different apertures and exposure times can also be used. Nevertheless, a certain random element remains. Most of the time I can only reasonably judge the results on the screen at home. This reminds me of the analog times. I think it makes digital work a little more exciting and not so predictable.
I only receive one digital file in RAW format per triple exposure. In post-processing I want to make the file ready for printing. This includes coloring as well as minor adjustments to optimize the images.
Fortunately, the greatest effort is involved in photographing. Hiking around outside or visiting specific places that are suitable for my motives is key. Sometimes it is also the crooked paths that lead to interesting motifs. Not always the straight ones.

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